Being a Grandma

I love being a grandma, I loved Trace, Maddie, and Nixon before they were ever born. Heck before I even knew they were a boy or a girl. I love that little girl Jenny has in her right now. I love being a Mom and enjoy having my kids around me. I miss their cute little arms around me. Miss chubby little hands in my hand. Miss cute puckered up kisses. Miss baths, good night songs, little kid laughs and even some of the things I thought I'd be so glad I didn't have to deal with any more. My grand kids have filled in the missing feeling for me. This last summer Trace and Maddie came and stayed at our house a few times and I love the time I get to spend with them. I'm glad they want to stay and they're not afraid to be without their parents. I hope all my grand children (the ones I know and the ones still to come) know how happy I am that they are mine.


Dear Nixon,

     To my one year old Grandson. I love you Nixon. I loved you before I knew you. Grandma loves your cute hands, the way you use your fingers so cute. I love your beautiful eyes. I love your little language, I'm sure you have important things to tell us. I love that you learned to walk so early and that you know how to go down the steps without getting hurt. I love that you love outside, and your Mom and your Dad. I love that you know how to make Gizmo run and hide. You make me happy that you always have big smiles for your Grandma. I love that you smell good! (mamma makes sure you do) I love to walk with you. (I think you look like a little monkey when you hold my hand and head out down the sidewalk.) I love to see you run wild in my yard. I love all of you , head to toe, inside and out.
     Nixon you make me happy. I hope that life is good to you, but if it's not I hope you know your the boss of yourself, you can do anything you put your mind to. I hope you are always happy. I hope your always good. I hope you have good friends and you always take care of them. I hope your strong. Strong enough to choose what you know is right. Strong enough to stand up for the underdog. Strong enough to make everyone feel important. Strong enough so you don't have to get even or have your pay back. You have been blessed to have people all around you who love you. Great Grandparents,Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, and cousins. Your Mom and Dad are good and they want what is best for you.
     You make me happy! Thank you for just being you and part of our family. You are loved.
     Love, Grandma LaDawna        


Whats going on in my bedroom?

So the other day I decided my head board gets lost up against my wall because it's almost the same color, so I added some stripes. This has been fun for me. I think it made tons of difference. I bought lamps last weekend. Having lamps has been something I have always wanted. (I think since I was a little girl.)

Last spring I painted my room and painted all the trim white instead of the stained trim it had been. I added the birds just for fun. I love my birds hanging out on top of the doors. They make me happy! Eric said "I don't understand it, but I know you like it." What a good husband.

Once I added the stripes I had another dilemma "what am I going to put over my bed?" Right after we went to sleep, in fact I might have fallen asleep for just a minute, I remembered the old trim that I'd been keeping (for over six years now) and knew they would be perfect. I sat straight up in bed and said " I know what I'm putting up there." That woke Eric up and he couldn't understand what the heck I was saying.

Needless to say I love my room!


Miss Tesa Marie

It is still amazing to me, the birth of a child. Some one you think of, dream of, pray for, and try to feel in the months leading up to their birth. Then when the time is right there they are with their own look, their own personality, their own little self.

Well Tesa Grandma loves you! I think you are beautiful, I think you are a gift to me and grandpa as well as your mom, dad, brother and sister. I think you are soft and patient. I am just getting to know you so as time goes by I hope we spend lots of time laughing loud, playing hard, and even being still. I hope I listen to your dreams and help you become everything you might want to be. I hope you'll always know that grandma loves you and thinks you can be whatever you want to be.



Christmas was so much fun and a event that I looked forward to all December, Every one was coming home, (all except Matt and Jenny and their family). I love spending time with my kids, love the noise of the house, love the banter that goes on between them. Love the laughter. Love the "remember" stories. Love my kids. Love that cute grandson Nixon that I don't see enough of. I've been so homesick for all of them.

Nick, Erica and Nixon helped me with the Nativity. Eric got the barn ready so we could have our Christmas story in the barn. It was cold, but nice to take a few minutes and remember what Christmas is all about. We are so blessed.


A New Grandson!

First of all I'm trying to play catch up so even though this old news I wanted to write my feelings down about the whole thing. Baby Nixon Grandma loves you! I loved you from the moment I knew you where on your way. Before I knew you where a boy or a girl. Now you are here I can't get enough of you. The night you were being born I hardly slept. When momma called and told us you were here I couldn't wait to get you in my arms. It wasn't very long after you were born grandma was at the hospital to snug you in her arms and cover you with kisses. Nixon you are so beautiful, just perfect! I never had a baby with much hair so of course I love your hair and can hardly believe how much you have.

This is one of grandpas favorite ways to hold a baby. That's how he would hold your momma when she was little like you. Grandpa thinks your pretty great too.

I love you grandson, I'm so glad you are mine.


I Loved This Vacation!

So Eric booked us a cruise just two and a half weeks before we needed to be there! This was so much fun. We were lucky enough to have Jessica and Steven go with us. It was so nice and warm and we did so many fun things. Zip lines, Kayaking, and one of my bucket list things, swim with the dolphins!!!! I got to hold on to him and he took me for a swim around the pool. Soooo much fun! We woke up to beautiful sunrises and could set out on our little deck any time we wanted.

Steve and Jessica roomed right next door so we had fun seeing them too.

Look how warm. This was truly a wonderful trip. I dream that I'm still there, I've never done that before. I wish everyone in my family could have gone. It was fun that Steven could speak Spanish. I'm kinda all over the place with my thoughts. We ate too much. (so good though) The best thing is spending all that time with my sweetheart. Eric and I had such a good time.
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